Hi my name is

Dr. Hoops

Dr Hoops

EuroLeague’s Final Four Facebook Messenger ChatBot

You’re 1 step away from meeting EuroLeague’s Final FOUR companion

Dr Hoops is a Facebook Messenger ChatBot created to help you enjoy the Final Four. He’s been studying the stats, the players and the teams who’ve competed in the Final Four since the first edition back in 2002.

So if you want to know who had most assists in the 2009 Final, or what was the highest scoring game in Final Four history – he’s got you covered.

And he’s also got access to the video archives to search out some classic highlights, and all the latest news to keep you updated in the run up to Istanbul.

To chat with Dr Hoops, you’ll have to find him on Facebook Messenger. He’s not shy, so it won’t be hard. Just follow this link:



Iconic Moments from EuroLeague Final Four History 2002-16